Wild Animals To Look Out For When You Go Camping

Wild Animals To Look Out For When You Go Camping

Any time that you go on a camping excursion it is important to realize that you are entering into nature. As such, you will be in close contact with plants and animals that you are unfamiliar with, and that may pose a danger. This presents several challenges in terms of safety because, as a camper or hiker, you are invading their domain, and their predator instincts may encourage them to attack you. By identifying some of the most common animals that you are likely to come into contact with and the danger they present, you can plan safer and more enjoyable trips into the wild.


While wolves were once almost pushed to the brink of extinction, they recently come back in huge numbers. As a result, human and wolf interactions are far more common than they have been in recent years. The inherent danger of encountering a wolf in the wild is that they are pack hunters, and while scaring off a single wolf is possible, an entire pack is another problem. In order to remain safe while camping or hiking, consult a local wildlife office to see if there are any known packs in the area before you venture out. Check out books about wolves here.


The term wildcats is a blanket name animals such as leopards, panthers, jaguars, bobcats, and other large animals. Many of these animals tend to be solitary hunters, but in the mountainous regions of the Americas they pose a real threat to hikers and campers. Loud, sudden noises may be able to make them scatter for a few moments, but if you deem it necessary to trek in such an area it is best to carry a means to defend yourself. As always, check with local wildlife specialists to see if you are entering a territory that holds these apex predators. Check out books about wildcats here.

Birds Of Prey

One of the most common types of animals that you can encounter on a camping or fishing trip is birds of prey. While most people will not see the inherent danger of having hawks or eagles around them, it is important to note that humans have inadvertently become attack targets while fishing or cleaning fish that have already been caught. These birds have incredibly long, sharp claws and beaks that can do a great deal of damage to soft tissue. It is important to note that these attacks are rare and can often be ended by a loud whistle or similar sound. Books about birds of prey on Amazon.

It is important to be aware of the animals that you share nature with, but it is also important to realize that any negative outcomes with animals are rare. As long as you take the proper precautions and have a healthy respect for wild creatures and predators, the outdoors can be an incredible place.

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